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Fortinet FortiDeceptor - Advanced Deception Technology for Comprehensive Cybersecurity

11/06/24 | 10:00 - 11:00 | online


Price: Free

FortiDeceptor revolutionizes cybersecurity defense by employing sophisticated deception technology to bolster threat detection and response capabilities. Developed by Fortinet, a leader in cybersecurity solutions, FortiDeceptor seamlessly integrates with IT, OT (Operational Technology), medical and other various environments, providing tailored protection across diverse industries.

 During the demo we will show you how FortiDeceptor:

  • Enhances threat detection by identifying malicious activities early in the cyber kill chain.
  • Have an insight on security prioritization and reduces the time to detect and respond to cyber threats, minimizing the potential impact.
  • Enables organisations to adopt an adaptive defense posture by continuously evolving deception strategies based on real-time threat intelligence and attacker behavior.




Who should attend?

Sales & technical profiles.


  • Introduction
  • Demo


Johan Reynaert - Business Development Manager Fortinet @ Infinigate Belgium
Bram De Blander - Enterprise Systems Engineer @ Fortinet